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Not the best out there.
But it managed to get a chuckle out of me and that's what's important :D
So good job! Keep up the good work.

This is the last thing a canon with a face sees before turning into energy for a hornet shooter.

It looks soooo cute, but it felt like it lacked something in terms of movement and so. Great work nontheless.
I did NOT expect that ending, it felt relatable in someway because I was caught off guard when the game told me I have to take my turn suddenly

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The getting into the same wall you dig (you probably know what I mean) Is a bit hard to pull off sometimes.
But other than that really good! I hated...how short it was. I would LOVE to play more of this idea with different objects and interactions.

Not too bad!
It was fun seeing which button combination does what moves.
The art is nice, and the bear's design is not so bad!
Can;t wait to see how it turns out!

haha really fun, when Randy's body is in pieces with red laser the text says "This looks scary if you don't know Arabic"

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Ooo, I like it, very creepy.
The tone is perfect and even if it's short it was very captivating.

HarukaNami9909 responds:

Thank you!

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Nice HQ you got there.

Would be a shame if... a one hp infantry destroyed it.

This is beautiful! I love how Lance is enslaved by the others

Hell yes you are!
Shen forever.

I write stuff and play games.
Okay whatever, I'm getting in terms with the name. It's not so bad.
Special Thanks for @Gelert for the profile picture
Collab status: closed at the moment. Already have too much projects.

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