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Posted by dragonadam0 - July 26th, 2021

Hello everyone!

As many of you know NG doesn't have a writing portal, but the forum has always been a good place for me to publish things, receive feedback and even gain some good and lovely fans!

But, I also encountered different problems, and that is why I am setting myself a wattpad account.


Just to clarify things don't worry I will NOT be leaving newgrounds, in fact I will be sharing my works on both sites! And I will constantly link each story to its respective series and place on wattpad.

Under this light I'll be busy for a few days, I have to transfer all my stories, I am building a new world for a story and I am learning how to use twine to create interactive stories.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!


Posted by dragonadam0 - May 29th, 2021

Announcement: As many of you probably know, I write a series that I update every week or two, but thanks to real world stuff I am too busy to do anything, even writing. And to make it up I will release a three part short story in the following three days. I hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to leave a comment with your opinions and feedback.

Here's a link for the story: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1472464#bbspost26838434_post_text



Posted by dragonadam0 - March 6th, 2021

"What is that doing here?!" James looked at the upper kitchen cabinet in shock, there was his secret. His curse.

A Vantablack suit folded neatly, with a skull shaped mask resting on top of it.

He stood on a chair and looked at the suit just to make sure, the suit on the inside was full of blood and rotten flesh..

Both mixing and moving in circles as if the suit was a cauldron.

"no no no.. This shouldn't be here.." he mumbled nervously, his knees shaking a lot, his throat getting tight from nervousness.

"Dad.. Are you okay?" His young son asked staring at him, his teenage daughter standing near, "umm daddy, what are you doing over there.. And what's that smell? Ugh.." she plugged her nose. The son did the same.

James gulped, "oh my... I'll call someone to fix it.. Let's get out while they handle it." he said and closed the cabinet roughly, slamming it.

He grabbed his car keys, took the kids. And then they all went to a nearby park.

The young energetic kid running around the park.

His daughter talking to someone her age. It wasn't much of a conversation, but she did some social interaction to keep her father from complaining about "kids these days".

The father sat on a bench, his mind unable to stop thinking about his last monster spree, he killed so many young people.. They are the softest and tastiest.. "feed the beast... No one should find out.. No one.. My kids.. They shouldn't see it.." he talked to himself while sweating nervously.

James called the mother, his ex wife, "hey.. I have a problem with.. Pipes.. I think it's safer if the kids stayed with you tonight.. After all.. I only care about the well being of my kids.." he said and hung up, gripping his hair, pulling on it.

And so he came back home, closing the door behind him. He took that suit and put it on. The green miasma emitting from it, reddish mold slowly sliding down on his skin," hah.. You're hungry? So soon.. Fine.. I'll get you something to eat.. I'm so close to satisfying you right? Just two more and you'll free me right?" he fell on the cold ground, and shivered in pain, "two more.. And you'll spare the young of this world..". He mumbled trying to justify his own actions.

He heard a knock on the door, it was his daughter's voice, "dad, Peter forgot his toy here!" She said then opened the door with her keys.....

The End.



Posted by dragonadam0 - February 24th, 2021

Ever since I was born, no one saw my eyes. Not my parents, not the doctor, not a friend, family or loved one. Because whenever I open my eyes. Time stops.


My name is Gregory, currently seventeen years old, I am currently sitting in class. A red blindfold covering my eyes, my weapons, my secret that no one knows of. The teacher is talking and talking and talking, I could hear the board slowly fill up with words and information. My classmate  next to me will tap on my shoulder and tell me when the board is full. I'll time stop and write everything down when I get that signal. That's how I study in school.

I am overwhelmed by noises, students at the back chatting, the ones on my right enjoying a snack, trying their best not to alert the teacher. A student near the door is tapping her foot nervously, waiting desperately for class to end.

I feel a finger press on my shoulder, I take off the blindfold, my classmates lean in trying to take a glimpse of my eyes. But the moment I open my eyes they freeze.

Everything does. I look at the board and sigh ,"I already know this."I mumbled to myself and left the class. I did know it, I read many books, did so many activities. It is very easy when you have the time, of course the

only problem is that I do need to rest. I am but human after all..Right?I step in the class next to mine and smile at my girlfriend, I sit on her desk and gently feel her beautiful black hair move between my fingers. She is beautiful, mind and body. I only wish that I can look at her in the eyes, and tell her that.

I left school, and headed down the street. I went to our local library and went through the shelves, checking if they added anything new. I found a book containing some short Chinese fairy tales. It was an interesting quick read.

I went out to the street and walked. I did not have a specific destination, I just walked. I passed by a bakery, I paused and looked at myself in the reflection of the very clean and shiny glass. I took my sweet time to look at my own eyes. My

hand gently sits on the glass, slowly moving over near my eyes' reflection.

"I..Why are they so beautiful?"I stared at my own light blue eyes, tears slowly rolling down my cheeks. I shook my head and walked in the bakery, I took a loaf of chocolate bread. I checked the prices for today then paid the baker.

A while later I got tired and sat down near a potted plant at the street, I closed my eyes. "One...two.."I counted slowly, time would continue after I have closed my eyes for a hundred units. I don't have a name for it, but I am

sure it is not seconds or any conventional time unit.

I stretched looking at the latest landmark, a woman watching her boyfriend and dad having a rap battle. Beautiful.

"One more area. It won't hurt."I stretched my legs and kept walking, I found a street dog sitting around, perfect to be pet. I sat on the dirty road and gave the dog a few pets. Feeling his soft fur flow between my fingers. What did I

have to worry about? Flees? bites? Bacteria? None mattered. None moved. "What is that?"I saw smoke from the distance, I headed over to it almost running. Then I saw it, a paused car crash, a beautiful picture painted by flames, smoke, and metal. I stood there amused by its horrifying but charming beauty. I did that.

As I moved closer I saw the people, no one seemed too injured, the air bags worked, and for others they were wearing seatbelts. No serious injuries.But then I saw it, a car with three people. A father and his two daughters, I

suppose. The father threw his body in front of his daughter, a sharp piece of metal impaling him.

I am not a doctor, but I read tens, maybe hundreds of medical references and books. The hit is fatal if he does not get to the hospital urgently...

Not my problem.

I walked away sighing, the nearest hospital was far away. I cannot do anything. After a few minutes, I gulp and run back to that car. I take a closer look at the people inside. The father's hair turned white with only a few black strands remaining, his first daughter looks about my age. I look at him for a moment, and imagine if my father was there. Throwing his life away for mine, would I hesitate to time stop for my own father ?

I don't know.

I look at his other daughter, she was gripping a letter in her hand, acceptance to a job, it looks fancy.

When I look at the father more I notice many oil stains on his clothes and sun burns on his skin.

A hard working father, so happy that his daughter got accepted into an amazing job. Probably going to celebrate.

"Why am I doing this?" I wondered as I walked down the street, dragging my legs as the weight of the time-frozen man was resting on my shoulders.

Why does gravity has to work on objects I touch? Oh right, so food won't float in my throat

"I can't believe I am doing this, stupid , stupid!" I yelled at myself. I carried the man for a while, I would take a break every now and then, placing the man gently on the ground whenever I was too tired. I would lie down or sit down if there was some place to rest my back.The sun was scorching, I did pause time at noon after all. I would close my eyes and count in my mind, making sure I do not zone out or resume time by accident. I stood up again and put the man on my shoulders, I huffed and groaned, my back hurt, my shoulders hurt, my legs hurt, and my feet hurt.

My heart was beating like an energetic child with drums.

Will this man even survive? I wondered as I moved forward. My legs moved in a stable pace, my thoughts on the other hand were running around aimlessly.

I began wondering about my own death, when I die will my powers disappear? If I die with my eyes open, will time remain frozen forever? Will I curse humanity?

After that I wondered about life, will there be a way to alter my condition? Will anyone know about my powers? Will my

loved ones be able to look into my eyes? Will my children inherit my powers? If they do..Doesn't that mean

I cursed them?

"whoa!"I fell down on the cold, harsh road. The man on my back did not help the situation either. "Shit!" I grunted and cursed loudly, gently sliding from under the man, I feared that any sudden movements in stopped time might worsen his


I could feel something warm on my arm, I injured myself on fall and I was bleeding a little. Only a few scrapes on my arm As soon as blood stopped being a part of my body it froze in time as well, making droplets, floating in


It was not the first time I hurt myself in this condition, I was prepared. I bit on the rag which was my blind fold, I used antiseptic, the liquid floated, but I grabbed it and rubbed it on my skin. I grunted in pain then applied a band-aid.

Why am I doing this? If time stopping is some sort of method my specie uses to protect itself, why is my survival instinct not kicking in? Why am I allowing myself to use it in something that can lead to me getting hurt and exhausted?

Is the sympathy I feel to this man my humanity? Or is it something else that wants me to believe that I'm human?

No point in thinking too much. I should focus on the matter at hand.

I could see the hospital if I squinted. I am close, just a little more. I carried the man, at this point my feet were burning, it hurt a lot.But I am so close. If I am so close, is it fine if I leave the man here? Someone will find him. But what if they don't? By passing by I was merely someone who knew. But when I dragged him out of that car, this became my obligation.

I shouldn't have done it. I will collapse on my way back to school. Then people will know, even if they didn't know about time stopping. Disappearing from school suddenly and appearing on the street somewhere. No, I do not want to be experimented on, I do not want to live running away from mad scientists either.

The hospital is in sight now, "You have to be kidding me." There was heavy traffic near the hospital. I was about two hundred meters away.

I took a deep breath then gently put the man down. "I don't have a driving License. And I doubt that the cars would move

anyway." I looked at my options. And then I got an idea. The lanes were separated by a stone barrier, I would switch lanes whenever I did not have enough space to move freely.It was a struggle having to carry the man between lanes, but It would hurt a lot trying to squeeze the two of us between cars.

I shouldn't get too hurt in stopped time. And I have no idea what might happen to him.

"Finally."I smiled and entered the hospital, I gently placed the man on a wheel chair and pushed him inside, I put him near a few doctors and nurses drinking their coffee. They should know what to do."I don't think I can do any better." I said, and left the hospital.

On my way out I could swear, that someone was watching me. smiling at me, showing gratitude.

"Must be my imagination.".

I barely returned to school, I sat down on my chair, resting my body on my desk, panting like a dog.I drank two liters of water, I took a very long break, I went to the bathroom because I drank two liters of water.

And after what I would assume is thousands of time stopped units, I resumed time.And went on with my day as usual.

And here I am, sitting on the beach side, hearing waves crash against the rocks roughly.

I could also hear rumors, how a man magically teleported from the claws of

 death to the gentle embrace of life.

People wondered what magical power or mysterious creature saved the man.

I think I know the answer to that.

What I did was stupid, had no survival benefit to me, it was irrational, reckless.

Haha that settles it.

What saved him was a human, and his name is Gregory.



Posted by dragonadam0 - January 31st, 2021


(special thanks to chimimikot for the art, go check her out!)

You walk into the interview room, checking your surroundings. You notice nothing out ordinary, just a boring office room. The only thing that gets your attention is the possible to be your boss. A fit man, strong and young looking, soft yellow hair brushed back with hair gel, dark green eyes that looks as if they're glowing. and a black colored suit.

You reluctantly sit on the table trying to maintain eye contact.

"Welcome welcome, calm down, there's no need to worry." he said in a strong, commanding but soft voice. A confident smile on his face. He extends his hand to give me a hand shake.

I was advised not to, so I just shake my head and apologize politely.

"Hmmm? Well the pandemic ended only a few months ago, I understand if you still have lingering habits." He speaks in such a charismatic tone, you feel so nervous around him.

The boss laughs and gives you a playful wink, he gets up and moves to his desk, you hear an odd rattling nearby. Then he comes back with a glass of water,"I have no idea why but people get surprisingly thirsty around me." He laughs again in that sweet voice.

You drink the glass of water but your throat remains dry for some reason.

You take the glass of water despite what they told you. Who even are they? And what did they tell you? Oh right tips on the interview. You regain eye contact and the interview finally starts.

The boss asks you regular questions, your personality, school life, and even some random questions like your favorite food. He even shares some of himself with you.

"You know, they say you can know a lot about a person from their eyes. Come closer, let me stare into your souls." He motions you with his finger.

You feel like iron and he's a magnet. You slowly approach him, even getting over the desk. Your eyes close for a minute, you don;t know why.

But when you open them your breath is fast and your eyes are wide. Reality or what you thought was reality falls around you. Your hands are covered with bruises and you feel a warm liquid coming from your neck.

You don't feel in danger though, the man smiles at you, reassuring you're safe.

The pen jammed in your neck doesn't bother you anymore. You close your eyes, and never open them again.

Subject 2055 aka boss.

Male researcher: Highly dangerous, manipulative, his human form is..incredible and I just want to -redacted-

female researcher: Charming, handsome, I want him to -redacted-