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I write stuff and play games.
Okay whatever, I'm getting in terms with the name. It's not so bad.
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As many of you know my post "I had a nightmare" has more than five hundred reads so far.

It's my most popular post so far and I am wondering now, do you want more? Should I make a series, a book with chapters of same ideas of same length and similar or different style?

Link for those who haven't watched it: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1464349

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Who wants to do a collab? (writer here)

Hello everyone!

I'm looking for anyone who's interested in doing a collab of any kind. (possible)

I like to write for fun, and I don't doubt that I have some interesting ideas in mind.

What I can offer mostly is my ideas, as well as trying my best to stay in touch and provide feedback, I'll try and give all I can give.

Open to contribute whatever your specialty is (art, animation etc...)

Somethings to keep in mind:

1) I'm open to do nsfw or sfw so if you want to do something adult, for everyone, or anywhere in between I don't mind.

2) I am a student so I'm not available 24/7

3)shyness, things such as calls and such are a big no to me.

4)My preferred contact method is discord ^¬^

5) I still have the right to refuse work if I feel uncomfortable or if I feel like I'm not able to help.

In case that occurs I'll give my response (of denying) instantly and I won't leave you hanging.

6) I'm open to collabing for free.

And that's all!

In case you are interested please message me here and I'll give my discord.

Bye bye! Have a good day!